25. Mar, 2013

Brazil on fire

On Sunday March 24th. B.B.C.2 broadcast a highly disturbing documentary of how arson is consuming vast areas of the Amazon jungle, fires being started for commercial greed to clear the land for crop planting and for the arsonists to gain large profits. We saw via an English firefighter the near impossibility of fighting these fires, hundreds every day, all across the jungle. The effects on local tribes clinging to their traditions, but more importantly, the near total lack of adequate firefighting equipment, and the apparent lack of interest by national and regional government. Why? Because cleared land increases Brazil's G.D.P. It was Meister Eckhart, the C14th. Dominican monk who said that the merchant mentality destroys not only others, but ourselves. This leads to subject / object relationships; increasing isolation and ultimately a dualistic approach to life. In extreme form this leads to war on the environment or in the battlefield. So, what to do? Let us contact the Brazilian Embassy in London and the B.B.C. to ensure that this documentary is brought to attention of the Brazilian Government, for ACTION.  Thank you, Tom Baxter.