15. Apr, 2013

north korea

Thomas Aquinas pinpointed a particular form of apathy, which was first identified by the Desert Fathers in the C4th.as Acedia. When we look at the North Korean problem, we are struck by the apparent belligerence of the dictator and our own confused response. Aquinas said that Acedia is a form of depression which stops us from achieving what is the Common Good. This freezing of the spirit causes us to be angry with ourselves and others, because underlying that is a foundational fear of lack of identity, life purpose and the over arching good of mankind. This confused anger can so easily tip over into hatred making any spiritual move all the more difficult. Negotiation here requires us to sit quietly to discern how the wounds, mainly self inflicted, can be lanced.It is by being mindful of Love as the willing of good to others, that negotiations can make a first step away from political fears.Even a dictator is not wholly evil, and by reason, will, careful choice and reflection on the omissions of both sides, a new dawn will arrive. Thank you, Tom Baxter