25. Apr, 2013


The current debate slowly re-emerging on immigration issues, contains key elements of how we relate. When difference arrives in a society, our immediate reaction is of fear, withdrawal, and defensive forms of anger. St.Thomas Aquinas defines Justice as a 'stable and lasting willingness to do the just thing for everyone', and Julian of Norwich says. 'love keeps us in faith and hope; and faith and hope leads us to love. At the end, all shall be love.' Here, both religious thinkers are reminding us of the importance of a stable and reasoned response to externally perceived dangers. Aquinas says that a ' man's interior feelings relate him to himself''. This region of passions, reasoned judgement, all sustained by a foundation of belief in a Divine Creator, is a difficult area to traverse. But linking Metaphysics; Psychology and Philosophy, gives us not just an immediate defence against anxiety, but a key to open the gate of Meaning. Unjust actions, overly hasty reactions to immigration issues are indeed down to our relationship with ourselves initially, and thence to God Himself. All this requires careful Reflection, a reasoned appraisal of all the factors that must be considered. In our haste to respond, we often overlook the answer by not reflecting. Getting that balance is a life long challenge.

Thank you, Tom Baxter