9. May, 2013

Love and Diplomacy

The C.14th. English mystic, Julian of Norwich, was reflecting on the theme of love, a theme which swirls around even in our most violent wars. She said,' we can understand love in three ways-  the first is love uncreated; the second is love created; the third is love given. She is referring firstly to the creation of the world being founded on love,( for otherwise why bother to create); secondly she refers to each person who is a beacon of love, because God lives within each of us; thirdly is our individual actions of gifting love in some form to others. 

How does this link to Diplomacy?  We are constantly battered by bad news, either people committing bad acts or politicians unable or unwilling to treat the other as a "beacon of love". This is especially important when trying to negotiate military conflicts. It requires a different dynamic in the meetings; a different vision; a different language almost. But unless a radical re-appraisal of HOW we relate in difficult moments, is attempted, the same old scenarios of blame and counter blame will continue.

St.Thomas Aquinas said that willng the right goal, depends on our perceiving it rightly with our minds. This requires us to be a reflection of God's reason. Thank you, Tom Baxter