24. May, 2013

Pigs, Pigs, and more Pigs

With this title you must be wondering what will the subject be - bankers, terrorists, or politicians who send drones and endlessly support wars. Well, my attention was drawn to a newspaper report on a planning proposal,supported by Defra. the government department, for a mammoth pig farm of 25,000 pigs in Derbyshire. St.Thomas Aquinas maintained that society can only flourish if it observes the three categories of order:  Our deeds and feelings should observe the rule of our reason; we should observe the rule of God's law ( for there can be no higher guidance); we should live in order with our fellow beings.) Applied to the above planning proposal we see something seriously out of balance with grave consequences for animal and the environmental welfare; a government department by its own admittance deciding by financial criteria as over-ruling everything; a developer who likewise is chasing profit as the only goal; a trampling on the local communitie's views (the Soil Association was even threatened with legal action when they protested). 

Meister Eckhart the C13th. Dominican monk said that we need to Let Go, to empty ourselves of our egos and overly material goal seeking if we are to become truly happy and effective in the world. Unfortunately, we are often walked on, treated as objects by those rushing to grab their lopsided vision of happiness. Thank you, Tom Baxter.