6. Jun, 2013

Where is Justice?

Syria, Woolwich, and the Bangladesh factory disaster are all reminders of what we are NOT doing. In the case of the Bangladesh fire, this was yet another example of not only the European and American companies rapidly washing their hands of any responsibility, even refusing to attend a Geneva meeting to discuss victim compensation, and the legal authorities in Bangladesh dragging their feet, puffing empty words of consolation. St.Thomas Aquinas said that Justice is a 'stable and lasting willingness to do the just thing for everyone. Legal justice outshines both the morning and the evening star'. In each of the three examples cited above, the major common threads are: a lack of reason; a near total disconnect from the virtue of Love. Rather, there was a seeking of one's private good above all else. Love is both a sensory experience, but it also is a connection to the metaphysical. Aquinas said it arrives through unity. For that to happen we must be at peace with ourselves so that we can then go out and heal others with reason and compassion in our daily work. Losing sight of the bright star of Justice, whether we are a politician, a money lender, a company executive, for Aquinas, spells out a major transgression of human responsibility. Each of us needs to reflect carefully. Thank you, Tom Baxter