14. Jun, 2013

navigating through chaos

Each day we hear or see something disturbing. St.Thomas Aquinas said that we are then faced with the dilemma, What to Do? As previously explained in my blog -"Accedia" this psychological freezing of the spirit he identified, leads to inaction, to apathy. It was Julian of Norwich, the 14th.C. anchorite and contemplative who along with Aquinas explained sin as a 'deviation from the right path'. This important clarification of sin, that it is NOT a deliberate willing to DO evil, but is an often gross error in misunderstanding good. Which is why the development of our Reason, Will, Virtues and Choice are so critical. These are not mechanical frameworks in our brain, but are essentially spiritually or metaphysically based. Julian describes sin as a temporary state of insanity, in which one is blind to God and totally absorbed in oneself. This leads to isolation, inner loneliness, and the collapse of community whether at an individual level or a national grouping. Yet hope arrives as Julian maintains that God being ALL LOVE, has not alternative, but to continue to support even the extreme sinner. We of course only see the cruel surface waves of murder and mayhem, but as Aquinas and Julian maintain, there is a much deeper reality. To fully release ourselves, our task is to find that. Thank you. Tom Baxter