26. Jun, 2013

Psychology meets Spirituality

St.Thomas Aquinas, the 13th.C. philosopher was well described in his time by Albert the Great, as 'bestriding the world with his wisdom" In our times we often find it difficult to find solutions to our personal problems, whether it is an addiction, a cold heart, a sense of despair and lack of meaning. Aquinas pulled together the psychology of our feelings and the sense of spirituality (a feeling that there is something higher than just shopping). His detailed exploration of the two were highlighted by his portrayal of the struggle between our emotions and the Virtues. These latter arouse delight because we are pursuing the Good and quell sadness about actions that misdirect our journey. Reason needs to be well developed to provide the appropiate steer to command our choices through reflection. Reason,the balanced will, coupled to Prudence, should lead us to make the choice that is for our good. Yet often today's social climate muddies our natural wish to do good and our emotions, which are good in themselves, become darkened. The light that we all naturally welcome is obscured. Aquinas urges us to seek that light, whether in our human relationships or in our commercial or political dealings. It is a daily struggle and we must not give up because we have all been created by a Creator. Thank you, Tom Baxter