12. Jul, 2013

Who are we REALLY?

Meister Eckhart, the 14th.C. German Dominican monk said that we are not defined by our actions. That the 'You' or the 'I' is a projection and if we go far enough into ourselves we reach a point where we see that by letting go of each projection - I am a good driver; I am a consultant etc; we slowly enter the core of ourselves. Here we can begin to find rest from the push and pull of our lives. We discover by quiet reflection that slowly our core self, our soul begins to emerge. This new stability gives us not only strength to carry us through daily trials, but enables us to identify with the struggles of others, yet to find their deep centre. Thomas Aquinas the 13th.C. philosopher, said that we need the gift of knowledge to discern rightly and surely, what and what not to believe. He emphasised that our use of reason and a continuing quest for the truth, in all matters , is a key human responsibility. 

The combination of the two thinkers' works, one Letting Go and going deeper into ourselves, and the other, providing frameworks for thinking, are major guideposts for our life journeys. The essential balance between the Soul and our search for Truth has major connections to all our activities, whether negotiating a new contract, serving a customer, or relating to our families. Thank you, Tom Baxter