23. Jul, 2013

What a strange question!

What for you is God? This key question for all of us, whether religious or not, is posed by Meister Eckhart in his Zen like approach to helping us to Let Go, one by one, of what is not essential, whether material or psychological. He likens this to scaling a mountain, not indirectly via many paths, but directly, engaging our energies to better discernment of what is REAL,not just apparent. So as English women volunteers go out to fight in Syria e.g. the impact of their decisions on others and on themselves needs to be responsibly assessed. We cannot take moral decisions when emotionally driven. To overcome evil, we need to Let Go of our own demons first. Then the powers of Reason, Justice and Compassion can enter quietly. The machine gun solves nothing, except to increase evil yet again. Thomas Aquinas the other medieval thinker reminds us that however fragmented a society may be, it is the responsible duty of each of us to endeavour to piece together the fragments, into a new beginning. This requires the Virtue of Courage because the social context may be very hostile. But Eckhart's helping us to identify one by one, the obstacles to our spiritual advancement, and Aquinas's pointing us towards fruitful action, can assist our own journey towards real fulfillment. Thank you, Tom Baxter