21. Aug, 2013


Today,as so often, was a day of chaos on the world stage,as evidenced by a report from North Korea, of mothers forced to kill their children; the chemical saturation of many children in Syria, and in England, the ongoing social tsunami of "gay" rights, forcing schools to uphold homosexuality as a "natural" option for children.(Yet were they not brought into existence by parents?) These disparate subject areas have one thing in common, Social Disorder. When our own values are undeveloped, or become twisted, a malign aspect slowly, and quietly takes over. As always we have a choice, to ignore, or build a new social structure. Thomas Aquinas said that we need firstly to confront our fear of death, by endeavouring to use Reason and then a leap of faith to establish our link with the Creator God. If not, what is life for? Then we have to carefully appraise the quality in our own actions, of how we use the Cardinal Virtues - Prudence (Wisdom),Justice,Moderation, Courage. Do we 'pass on the other side' or do our best to act as an agent for social change for the Common Good? We know instinctively that there are levels of Truth and that our real goal in life is to find that ultimate Truth, for that is where happiness shines. Then the disorderers of the world will slowly lose their grip.  Thank you, Tom Baxter