13. Sep, 2013


Meister Eckhart the C14th. German Dominican monk was always interested in establishing clarity about our identity as human beings. ' All creatures have flowed out from God's will" and here he signals the key issues of Life and Purpose. Often we lose sight of our origins by concentrating on the scientific explanation of the beginnings of the universe, the many precise coalescings of material factors, and so we end up in a cul de sac. Material explanations are necessary, but we are still below the level of real truth or explanation. So exploring WHY the universe came about, and what are the consequent implications for our daily living is pretty important, to put it mildly. Yes, people who rest easy with the scientific explanation of life, are potentially just as "good" as those who agree with Eckhart's views. But this is really a question of, " Do we want to know the whole truth, or do we find it easier to not open the metaphysical door? "  Later, Meister Eckhart says, ' There takes place in the unity of God and in the humble person, a kiss'. In other words, we are surrounded and supported by  a caring and understanding Creator, who is with us wherever we are. This spelling out of the relationship provides a little nudge to make the leap of faith so that we can coalesce the scientific with the metaphysical. From all that comes the birth of ethics, and the Virtues in our daily work. Thank you, Tom Baxter