24. Sep, 2013


The current troubles in Kenya raise many questions, not least, what would St.Thomas Aquinas the C13th. philosopher have said? 'Gravity of sin (as committed by the terrorists) is measured precisely by the degree to which it departs from the rightness of reason.' He goes on to quote Aristotle, ' evil, if total would destroy itself". So we have here in this social chaos, an abdication of right reason; a very weak reason in individuals, so laying themselves open to manipulation; and the Achilles heel of the whole process of terrorism, namely, that as it violates the principles of community, it will self-destruct at some point. All terrorists harm themselves far more than they harm others. Their degree of imbalanced reason and therefore a lack of focus on values and the common good, leaves them in a state of self hatred, which has to be projected onto the world at large so as to avoid at least, mental breakdown. The sin of disorder has two inner causes; Reason and Will, but then imagination and emotion. So what should be done in Kenya? Any solution is bound to be slow. But where feasible, terrorists,potential and committed, should be brought into philosophical discussion, so as to get them to REFLECT and then to gradually build a new sense of order, rather than disorder. As Meister Eckhart, C14th. Dominican monk, wrote, ' All creatures are preserved in their being, through love, which is God. They would lose their being if we remove them from love.'   Thank you, Tom Baxter