8. Oct, 2013


Human nature burns, flickers, and sometimes dies, but as Meister Eckhart, the noted C14th.Dominican monk made clear, 'the seed of God is in us. ' So we have a choice to develop it so that like a fruit tree it bursts into life laden with good fruit for the Common Good, or through foolishness to let it wither because of bad choice by planting the seed in bad soil. 'If cloud or fog should come between us and the sun, we will not be aware of the sunshine'. Meister Eckhart's analogies of growth, light and death are powerful reminders of what we all need to do in our own individual circumstances - to REFLECT, and then to ACT. It is the very quality of reflection that is so important, allowing the cardinal virtues of Wisdom,& Justice in particular, to flourish. As the philosopher, St.Thomas Aquinas noted, 'virtue is not a disposition to be, but a disposition to act.'  The GreenPeace activists recently arrested by the Russians, highlights the desire to do uphold the Common Good by raising the profile of possible future environmental damage by oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean, and the reaction by the Russians showed a disposition of not only apathy towards the Common Good, but more importantly, a social sin, a retreat into aggressive behaviour masking their own sense of personal and national insecurities. Life is one long paradox. Thank you, Tom Baxter