22. Oct, 2013


Are we subjects or objects? Julian of Norwich, the 14th.C. anchorite nun said.'God loved us before he made us, and his love has never diminished and never shall'. What an uplifting statement! To some it may seem a cosy,almost cloying quote. But there is, as always with the medieval thinkers, a hard and reflective undertone. Because if we accept Julian's view, then we are presented with a choice, to ignore, or to go deeper and consider what are the implications for our daily life; political and national life and values (think e.g.of corporate profits and tax avoidance by companies,much in the news this week). Our responsibility to view others not as objects to be manipulated or despised, but to remember Meister Eckhart's words,' every single creature points us towards God.' The medieval thinkers approached life in a holistic way, warning us of the dark pitfalls, yet re-assuring us of the Light of Hope and Love. An example from each: 'All of creation God gives to humankind to use. If this privilege is misused, God's justice permits creation to punish humanity'. (Hildegard von Bingen,12th.C.) Hildegard was possibly the first person to cry out about human desecration of land, even then. The difficult task is to 'go out and bear fruit, fruit that will last.'  For this to happen we must first believe and trust in something higher than our material possessions. This is where we start to open the gate into what is human life for, and why was I born and not someone else in my place?

But that is for another day !  Thank you, Tom Baxter