6. Nov, 2013


'I fled Him down the nights and down the days, I fled Him down the arches of the years'. This quotation from the English poet Francis Thompson, highlights where European society is currently, - moving increasingly towards a desert, where only technology and political scrapping can be seen. Thompson shows our individual drive to run from God and concentrate on overly competing with others; being swept up by personality culture; excessive hugging of material possessions, leads into a spiral of increasing aridity. We become desperate to find meaning in the desert,so leading us into dishonesty e.g. British and U.S.government spying operations; denials about the impacts on civilians of drone attacks. Yes, of course we will always have the Dark in our own and in our national lives, but we CAN reduce the frequency and impact of such events whether minor or major. To begin to do that we could turn to Meister Eckhart the 14th.C .Dominican monk who said,'The soul dies if God departs from it'. Here he highlights the cause of aridity in social and political landscape, namely, that by denying that there is a divine creator, we are left with our reason and our will thrashing around endlessly for something solid and reassuring to latch onto, something that provides sense not non-sense about the origin of the world. As the Thomas Aquinas, the 13th.C. philosopher said, ' reason tells us that there has to have been a creative start to the world, the infinity argument that the universe has always existed does not stand up, nor does the modern case that it "just happened". (ref.Aquinas' Five Proofs). So as Francis Thompson emphasised in his poem, our fleeing, which is really denying, gets us into a cul de sac. To release ourselves and to find real love and freedom of the soul, we must start to listen to what God is saying to us. Thank you, Tom Baxter