18. Nov, 2013


"Thunderstorms menace: Now there is no more life of any kind. There is only shrivelled barreness.' Here Hildegard von Bingen the 11th.C. abbess raises the red flag that action in all aspects is so often lacking. This then results in such a loss of our human potential. So what causes this indifference? Beneath the multitude of different personal factors whether of ill health, unemployment, poor upbringing, too much wealth, there lies a foundational choice. To pursue our natural inbuilt drive to pursue the Good as we can best understand it, or to be lazy and drift away from seeking what really is the meaning and implications of life. 'I saw no difference between God and our substance, yet God is God, and our substance is a creature in God.' (Julian of Norwich, the 14th.C. anchoress.) Referring here to one of her visions, Julian emphasises the paradox of living - we are part of God, yet different. The implications for our actions, is that we need to prioritise our route through life, to refine our grasp of what is really true. This will entail assessing why we were born, and why even now, has mankind still not been able to find scientific answers to over 90% of key questions about the universe. We can of course simply ignore, shrug our shoulders and say, Why Bother? But that does not wipe out the responsibility we have to fulfil our real potential for honouring both ourselves and others. As St.Iranaeus (2nd.C.) Bishop of Lyons, said, 'God became a human being in order that human beings might become God.

Thank you, Tom Baxter