26. Dec, 2013


'Like the Morning Star rising from the mist,we need to let go of all earthly things'.(Meister Eckhart -1260-1329 A.D.)  - 'for no deed is achieved without passion.' As the year of 2014 emerges, we are reminded here by Meister Eckhart of the dynamic of our life journeys. Namely, that each of us is not an object, rather we are a unique person made of matter and spirit. Reflecting on the image of the Morning Star rising from the flotsam and jetsam of the world, gives us renewed appreciation of the beauty of the soul within us. Yes, we can deny all that, saying simply that is all rubbish, but as mentioned by the philosopher Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)  'God's goodness requires that whatever he brings into existence, he should also guide to it's goal'. So what is our goal? Is it to become Prime Minister; C.E.O; A Millionaire perhaps? At the end of the day it boils down to the perennial philosophical question: Did the world come about by chance or did it always exist, or was there a creator. If the latter, then logically it follows that such a creator will be wishing us well and will be guiding us, and at all times will be present. The social fragmentation of conflicts in countries, the torturing and the killing happens when we ignore God, and follow a lesser goal, one of ego or misguided reasoning. That is why it is so crucial no matter who we are, to reflect on what we are doing and why we are doing it. 'God moves our will, but he does not coerce it.' To do that, would be to remove the great gift of free will given to us. So, the journey is risky, but not if we pray for guidance.

So, in this current era of secular belief, why are people not following the metaphysical route? There are many factors, but one often ignored, is PRIDE. This means that we humans can provide all the answers, given  sufficient time!  Aquinas said that  'pride entails an attachment to things below our level. It can give rise to every other sin as a consequence. It is a disordered desire for one's own excellence.'  Indeed, apathy itself can be a result of pride, because by shrugging our shoulders, or not seeking the real truth in a particular matter, we are saying the effort is beneath me.

So, as we enter 2014 let our own picture of the Morning Star arise from the mist of our own disordered natures, so that we can really SHINE. Have a Happy New Year. Thank you. Tom Baxter