20. Mar, 2014


'God says, "I kiss my own chosen creation. I lovingly embrace every image I have made out of the earth's clay. With a fiery spirit I transform it into a body to serve the whole world." (Hildegarde von Bingen. 1098-1179). As ever, Hildegarde sallies forth to proclaim to our times, that not only is there an underlying meaningful care to our existence, but equally importantly, we have a responsibility to grow that care in our daily actions. And that of course is where the real problem lies. We are born fallible, but we have freedom to choose at every moment. The rebels in Central African Republic with their unbelievable litany of torture; the Russian president, Putin, or our own Prime Minister, all deciding, and yet so often having questionable motives or not considering the consequences well enough. This often comes about through tunnel vision, in which the plant named "ego" flourishes, so that balance and the journey towards the "good" are erratic at best. St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) said that 'God hates nothing he has made'. But that is not a green card to take advantage of love. Aquinas goes on to point out that God freely chooses to withold support from those in whom He finds an obstacle, so that they have an opportunity to re-order their lives, be humbled and return to the right way. Often people complain,"where is God? " after a disaster, but it is precisely this point of good eventually growing out of evil, often very indirectly, that alerts us to a creative responsibility. But for what? Aquinas said,' Justice is brighter than the Morning Star', and therein lies the answer to restoring the circle of love. 'Justice is a stable and lasting willingness to do the just thing for everyone'. - including ourselves!  The world now lies open to us !

Thank you, Tom Baxter