13. Apr, 2014


'Love the nothing, flee the self. Let your being be quiet, be free from the bondage of all things. Free those who are bound, give exhortation to the free. When you drink the waters of sorrow, you shall kindle the fire of love with the match of perserverance.'(Mechild of Magdeburg (1210-1280 A.D.) Here the German mystic, Mechtild, sings a song of real freedom. The song of the spirit untrammelled by the weight of material possessions, even when bowed down by the harshness of life, still the spirit, our soul, is waiting to burst forth - upwards towards the light. In the 21st.C. we may find it difficult to even understand this mystical invitation. As we see the problems between the West and Russia, or our own political shortcomings, we may think to ourselves, what use is this? And that is precisely the point. Things fail around us, people or institutions shortchange us in a variety of ways, so we need another route, another more powerful mindset. Mechtild of course is referring to the metaphysical, to God. It is as though we need to bathe in the balm of music, rather than in the arid structures of capitalist values.

Teilhard de Chardin the 20th.C. French Jesuit and paleontologist, said, ' See, the universe is ablaze!  The Divine summons us from all sides: science points us towards Him.' Taken together these two quotations signal a radically different way of looking at life. Reality is still observed at all levels, but our inner energies are strengthened almost without limit. This of course requires us to work through our imagination and careful reflection and contemplation, so as to find a new framework to act wherever we find ourselves.

Let us now stride forward towards a new horizon of our own making. Thank you, Tom Baxter.