15. Jun, 2014


'Every human person is capable of the universe" so wrote St.Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274). Currently we talk about extremist views, but Aquinas was underlining the sheer joy inherent in Creation. We really CAN open up ourselves and others to the boundless light shining down on our civilisation. Firstly, we have to ask ourselves what is the quality of light that we emanate in our thoughts and our actions. 'Good people love themselves by loving their inner person, because they wish for the preservation of this inward self in its integrity. They take pleasure in entering their hearts, because they find there good thoughts in the present, the memory of past good, and the hope of future good.'

'Wicked persons take no such pleasure in entering their own hearts. Present,past, future, all is horrible. Nor are they able to find harmony with themselves, because of the gnawings of conscience.' Aquinas is here highlighting the guideposts for the journey to human happiness. Presently, beset as we are with wave upon wave of dark news from around the world, perhaps a simple focusing of our minds and imaginations on the concepts of Bright Light and elemental Darkness, can help to clarify our sense of identity; give us psychological support; and finally the relevant energy to make a difference in the world, to bring light into the dark. Balance is of course essential in this process, so that the ego is not trampled upon, nor uplifted above the clouds. Given all that, the sense of imprisonment so often felt, can melt slowly away. 'Bare your soul of all mind, and stay there without mind.' (Meister Eckhart 1260-13290).   Thank you. Tom Baxter