3. Jul, 2014

MIrror,Mirror on the Wall ...

'With my mouth,God says, I kiss my own chosen creation. I uniquely,lovingly embrace every image I have made out of the earth's clay. With a fiery spirit, I transform it into a body to serve all the world.' (Hildegard von Bingen 1098-1179 A.D.) The strong imagery of Hildegard sweeps us up and away from our material addictions, to a higher level of the metaphysical. Here we find a new freedom, no longer constraining us to follow the false gods of drug or crime addictions, or celebrity worship, or the iron set of political posturing. Rather, she says,look, if you really want to know, who you really are, then remember that God has chosen each one of us, to do a particular duty, to carry out an agency of embracing the world in our own ways, but with the responsibility of spreading his love. Why? Because either we were born by total accident, or there was something more meaningful about our own birth. If the latter, then we really have the possibility to embrace the world. Often this latter point is forgotten, and then we drift into an underworld of darkness. 'For those who try to find joy in things outside themselve, they easily vanish away into darkness. Their minds are starved, and they nibble away at empty shadows.'(St.Augustine of Hippo 354-420 A.D.).

We have here in these two quotations, a framework to rebuild shattered lives, where people have chosen the wrong path at great personal cost, but also to re-affirm to ourselves that we do not have to set ourselves behind high stone walls, as in the Middle East, where each refuses to see the inherent God given destiny of the other. Perhaps each of us, could take these two quotations forward, and apply them in creative ways. Let us drink to success in that !   Thank you,Tom Baxter