16. Jul, 2014


'Not everyone can find the centre of the circle, for it is easy for anyone to wander from the centre'.(St.Thomas Aquinas). Here, as ever, Aquinas reminds us how easy it is to miss our focus in life; to forget our best values and to lose touch with what our real task is, namely, to do our utmost to lead a good ethical life. When we see the appalling news from Palestine about the recent bombings, and the children playing on the beach who were killed by a shell from an Israeli vessel, we all have to wonder, what mindset are we dealing with, what should our reactions be ? Should we be angry and take up weapons ourselves in response, or should we say," Justice must be done and it should be referred to the International Court at the Hague?" BUT we must also remember that whoever ordered this particular attack, and those who fired the shells, are nevertheless humans like ourselves, who have wandered from the centre, lost in their own dark world of internal pain and malformed consciences. Juxaposing Meister Eckhart's (1260-1329 A.D.) quotation - 'Every human person is an aristocrat. Every human person is of noble and royal blood,born from the intimate depths of the divine nature and the divine wilderness,' may seem too big a jump of incomprehension. Yet the challenge here is not only one of Justice, but also of finding the Centre. There as always, is where Reason and Truth reside. But it is complex task to find the balance between our emotions of Anger and real Comprehension. Aquinas says that firstly we must intend something, (in this case a Good). Then with our Will operating under the influence of Reason, we work towards making a Choice for Action, followed by Reflection. 

If only our politicians, and indeed ourselves, could do a little more of that !!

Thank you, Tom Baxter