14. Aug, 2014


'What good is it to me, if Mary gave birth to the son of God fourteen hundred years ago, and I do not also give birth to the son of God in my time and in my culture?' (Meister Eckhart 1260-1329 A.D.) Both globally, socially and politically, it seems that everyone and everything is going through painful, indeed in many cases, horrifying birth traumas. Whether it is the IS wave of hate in Iraq, or political manipulations in the Ukraine, or denial about climate change, these are all examples of birthing badly, bringing in a malformed essence into the world. So, why is this always happening? The answer is that God gave us a remarkable gift - personal freedom of choice. Otherwise we would we enslaved by Him. Thence there would be no individual development, no understanding of responsibility. Yes, God is watching over us, but our task is to get close to Him in our own individual ways, so that we can begin to birth what is good, rather than what is bad into the world. This requires a sense of unity between our inner selves and our outer selves. We are often at war within, mind and spirit clashing on a daily basis. To find that equanimity of spirit, is not at all easy. Which is why we read of people birthing projects of doubtful value : - " Senior executives need big bonuses, or they will go elsewhere and the company will lose". If we are employed at that company as a low paid worker, what do we do? Shrug our shoulders; Open up company discussions; or simply leave? Each decision in our lives is a birthing of possibilities, good and bad. St.Thomas Aquinas said 'That God works within us without our help, though not without our consent.' To bring this about we need to pray to God to shore up our sense of what good we can individually birth into the world. Birthing a bad essence into the world, 'Disturbs all three orders, it acts against reason; human law; divine law'. (Aquinas). 

So let us see what good we can birth into the world. Thank you, Tom Baxter