28. Sep, 2014


'We are the mother of Christ when we carry him in our heart and body by love and and a pure conscience.' (St.Francis of Assisi). As always in life, the journey for all of us is stormy but at times a serenity arrives. St.Francis here is portraying a twofold image and message. That of inner peace that in the most trying of times, we can find by careful reflection and contemplation, but then the consequent link to meaningful activity has to be launched. Against the tsunami of IS terrorist activity or the global spread of inequality, we can find ourselves frustrated in trying to do anything meaningful. St.Thomas Aquinas said that evil is a privation of the good. That there are degrees of goodness in all corruptible things,' for by darkness the substance of the air is not injured'. Here Aquinas is reminding us that we all have a higher rung on the ladder of goodness, to attain, but that also the all pervading power of ultimate goodness is undamaged by the dark. For if something was wholly evil, it would destroy itself.' This interesting statement provides a psychological uplift for those who are overwhelmed by a personal sense of guilt. It shows that as the Creator is one who cares for each of us, we can work towards a sense of hope and escape from the dark. As for the extremist terrorists, firstly, it shows that even in the most murderous person, there still remains a tiny vestige of the good. However, ' the order of justice belongs to the order of the universe; and this requires that penalty should be dealt out to sinners.' So those people who commit extreme evil acts, are in for a bad surprise at the end of their time. So all in all, we live in a world of order, which is hierarchical in its reach to the metaphysical, even though the surface waters are often full of tumult.

'Royal dignity was yours from the day you were born: royal from the womb, from the dawn of your earliest days'. (Ps.110.)       Thank you. Tom Baxter