15. Dec, 2014


''What good is it to me, if Mary gave birth to the Son of God fourteen hundred years ago, and I do not also give birth to the son of God in my time and culture ? " (Meister Eckhart 1260-1329 A.D.) Here Eckhart zeroes in on the centrality of our lives, and the whole interlocking of our values , whether active or dormant. The whole subject of creating, bringing to fruition something that will have meaningful usage for the world, is addressed in one simple question. He also reminds us that we need to be strongly aware of our own contradictions. Modern psychology has clearly charted the frequent internal clash we experience between going one way, as opposed to another in our decision making and our habits. The challenge is to establish a route for our life journey. This involves re-assessment of our ways of thinking; our habitual re-actions; and re-appraising our purpose. A tall order indeed. 'The Trinity is like a mother's cloak, wherein the child finds a home, and lays its head upon her breast.' (Mechtild of Magdeburg -1210-1280 A.D.)  Mechtild is not drawing a sugary picture, rather, she is emphasising that we cannot do everything on our own. We are, and have to be, dependent to varying degrees on others, but when all seems lost, there is this invisible source of strength, the Trinity.  Yes, it is a matter of faith to some extent, but place that alongside the aridity and fumbling of human efforts so often failing, the inherent global Love of the Trinity for each one of us, is quite awesome. And it is that which alone transforms.' (Mechtild) ... Love pushes us to reach out to the stranger; the broken, and offer help.'  She is proposing a complex "play of love." This involves loving people into transformation. This firstly involves our own internal transformation. It is necessary for us to love our selves, otherwise we cannot meaningfully connect with others. An evil or cruel person needs correction,but it is love which is the superior transforming power . When a dark cloud descends, breathe deeply; reflect. As Thomas Aquinas said: 'Beauty is a cause of  brightness and being." That vision is where Hope and re-Birth is located.


Thank you.   Tom Baxter