10. Feb, 2015


"Come, Love ! Sing on! Let me hear you sing this song -  Sing for joy and laugh, for I the Creator am truly subject to all creatures."  This rousing uplift to our spirits dampened by the current news of bank corruption and political dictators' evil actions, comes from Mechtild of Magdeburg (1210-1280 A.D.). Here she highlights the psychological and spiritual importance of raising our gaze higher, no matter what oppressive difficulties we are experiencing. She reminds us that the reason to do that is because the Creator God is at all times by our side, sustaining us, even, and particularly when, we wonder where He is, and whether He has deserted us. As we know, we cannot possibly understand why God does not always come when we ask. After all, we are but little humans, who have taken 2000 years to even understand the make up of the atom. So Mechtild is saying that actually God is working away at removing our distress, whether quickly, or extremely slowly, but ultimately it will be for the best. If it were not, then it would indicate that we have been born into a totally uncaring world, by an uncaring Creator. A little logical reflection would show us the weakness of that conclusion. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274 A.D.) says that " Enjoying is an ACT. Only things with awareness enjoy the goals they achieve. The fullest joy comes from intending our highest (metaphysical) goal".To do that we must carefully assess the means we use, via our reason. -"Goals relate to actions, like premises to conclusions."  If only those producing evil in the world, had carefully deliberated, assessed the means they were to employ towards the goal, and reflected on the quality of the expected goal. Mechtild's image of song and laughter, is important,because by remembering it, we can build up our creative strength to confront and eventually vanquish our oppressors, in whatever format they come.

Thank you, Tom Baxter