5. May, 2015


"The blackness of hell was all about me. The sorrows of the world encompassed me. I had descended into a pit. Hope had foresaken me. I was like that mother whose child had been raped and slain. I was the mother who had borne the monster who had done it. I was even that monster, feeling in my own heart every abomination." This extraordinary picture of the journey of suffering by the social C.20th. activist, Dorothy Day as she was imprisoned, describes how at the very deepest level of pain, we feel the first fragmentary glimmering of light. Via Negativa is the route through our deepest anxieties to a re-birth, a new creativity in our lives. Yes, to Let Go of the first feelings as Dorothy Day states, of sorrow, isolation, guilt, is no easy matter. But the process of Letting Go of the darkness, slowly allows us to connect with others at a deeper and more meaningful level. This is the beginning of true community. This week in Britain we are faced with the dilemmas and potential pain of electoral choice. At differing levels, the country is experiencing the darkness before the light. Will a deeper sense of community arrive? Or will we be unable to Let Go of flawed ways of thinking and acting ? As St.Francis of Assisi (1181-1225 A.D.) wrote, "We are the mother of Christ when we carry him in our hearts and minds by love and a pure conscience. That is how we give birth to him through our works." Living and specifically, elections, are all about Choice. Via Negativa, this ancient tradition of experiencing pain, disappointment, and the letting go of those consequent feelings, and then climbing up into the blue skies of new found creativity will hopefully be a new framework for all of us after polling day. As the French Jesuit scientist, Teilhard de Chardin said, " born of a cosmic stream, ours is a cosmic responsibility."

Thank you. Tom Baxter