16. Jul, 2015


"There are two kinds of births for a person. One is INTO the world, and the other is OUT OF THE WORLD.(Meister Eckhart 1260-1329 A.D.). This means out of the material world and spiritually into God". Here Eckhart is reminding us that we have a choice, to focus our birthing of our creative energies into the world of work, or to connect those activities to a higher plane. Namely, developing our sense of the cardinal virtues of Justice; Fortitude; Temperance; Wisdom (Prudence). We can each of us in our different ways, birth these into our daily reality of life. "There is in the soul a something in which God dwells, and there is in the soul a something in which the soul dwells in God. But if the soul turns outward to other objects, it will die, and God also will die for the soul". Again Eckhart emphasises the importance of taking the right path. "It is the rule of nature that the higher always flows into the lower. Since God is above the soul, God is always flowing into the soul, and can never escape the soul." So God is both our mother and father, as in real life birthing. But as real children, we have the freedom but also the responsibility to wake up to life and its demands; sleep, whereby we can avoid the discomfort of pursuing our real goal in life - finding the true meaning, is comfortable. After all many take that route. Relaxing in front of the television unmoved by real events, sipping our next drink or whatever. Because the challenges of life today are so various and complex, whether they are political, social, it is particularly important to build our own framework of values that do connect to a higher Being. Otherwise we will become part of the whirling viruses of so much that is tainting our thoughts and actions today. As St.Thomas Aquinas stated "Enjoyment in our lives can only be real when we savour and focus on the last (highest) end alone, not only for the sake of something else."  SO, Let us go forward and ENJOY.

Thank you. Tom Baxter