30. Jul, 2015


"The seed of God is in us. If the seed had a good, wise and industrious cultivator, it would thrive and grow up to God whose seed it is, and the fruit would be equal to the nature of God." Here Meister Eckhart (1260-1329 A.D.) in one sentence compresses so clearly the potential that lies within each of us. We all flounder around wondering which way to go in our lives, we allow ourselves to be diverted into the cul-de-sac of materialism; political corruption; objectivacation of both ourselves as well as others. But all those seemingly attractive goals take us off track, so that we expend large amounts of energy following the "good" that is really a flawed good. As previously noted in earlier web updates, it seems to be  a more attractive and simpler  route to say,"Why bother ? When I die, I die, end of story". But even if we allow that view some space, we come back to Eckhart's emphasis on our being a "good, wise and industrious cultivator". So here we have to translate those words into our own daily thoughts and actions, otherwise we become empty vessels. Like the existentialism of Sartre and others, we scramble to find solid meaning, something that will provide an exciting and uplifting framework for our activities." Justice is a stable and lasting willingness to do the just thing for everyone" (St.Thomas Aquinas). This defines the Common Good and our individual responsibility to be curious about what is happening in the world, and to challenge what on careful reflection we see as a level of evil ("a falling away from the right path"). E.g. the killing of the famous lion in Africa this week, involving a person who revelled in hunting and killing animals for large sums. There was illegality of varying kinds and a two day suffering by the lion. This exemplifies human disrespect for life in all its forms; greed and ego boosting. A righteous anger of calling for a full legal recompense will be JUSTICE.

Thank you. Tom Baxter