16. Feb, 2013

today's reflections

ACEDIA -    Recently I saw a t.v.programme by Hugh Whittingstall on his international campaign to preserve fish stocks. His energy and commitment, reminded me of Thomas Aquinas' warning about ACEDIA. This psychological experience, first identified by the Desert Fathers in the C.4th. A.D. and highlighted by Aquinas in the C.13th. charts the core reasons for our apathy towards ACTION. Namely, we have an inner conflict between action and passivity. This leads to a state of stall, and consequent sadness and depression, for we know we should do something, but we are unable to catalyse our mental and spiritual energies.

So what to do? Firstly, identify something in a newspaper that creates a feeling of anger, however small, then imagine all the emotions in that particular context. Then collate the facts, PRAY for a balanced guidance of will , and GO for it!  Good Luck, Tom Baxter