22. Feb, 2013

bedroom tax

The so called 'Bedroom Tax" is indeed a sharp blow to people in vulnerable circumstances. Thomas Aquinas said that Justice was 'brighter than the Evening Star'. In other words, the significance both politically and spiritually of just actions is of overriding significance. Justice he said, cannot be only of the moment, but taking a holistic view, there must be a lasting willingness to do the just thing. Politicians are always besieged on all sides, but this is all the more reason why their own values should be rock steady. The Bedroom Tax is an example of the government slicing part of the Common Good and consigning it to the dustbin, under the pretence of ' we need to reduce overheads'. Social justice requires each of us to raise our voices to protest at this attack, so similar to being mugged. Acedia,the previously mentioned apathy that afflicts us all, must not take over. We can write to government ministers, organise with protesting groups, all the while, remembering the words of Carl Jung - " the main causes of our problems are essentially, spiritual". 

Thank you, Tom Baxter