5. Mar, 2013

Just Wars?

Each day our senses are assailed by the extremes of other peoples' suffering in war zones.So how to slow down these impacts? St.Thomas Aquinas formulated the famous Principles of Just War, namely, that war must firstly be declared by a legal authority (no vigilantes): It has to be for a just reason, e.g. self defence: Weapons used must be proportionate (Drones?): No hidden intentions, e.g.to take control of oil fields: It must be of last resort (Extreme patience). 

All the above requires a careful combination of reason, emotion and the use of the Cardinal Virtues -Prudence; Justice; Fortitude; Temperance. Wars often occur because of denial over  a long period of simmering injustices which are "put away into the drawer". Our daily task in our safer cultures, is to strengthen our personal abilities to become more aware of when we violate the Cardinal Virtues in our lives. This will then help to build a community that is more socially and ethically aware.

Thank you, 

Tom Baxter