14. Mar, 2013

Papal Arrival

The election of a new Pope for the Catholic Church, has significance for everyone. His seeming emphasis in his life on relating to the poor of society, is what we particularly are in need of at this time. Much of global society is increasingly marginalised and viewed as objects to be used to further shore up the affluent minorities ( e.g.2% of the population of Columbia in South America, own 50% of the land). Life will be forever a battle between the Dark and the Light, between Materialism and arid Secularism, and the creative and uplifting Charity. That is why the election of this particular Pope is a cause for hope. 

The C14th. English mystic, Julian of Norwich, said, 'By these three things man is grounded in this life, the first is the use of man's natural reason: The second is the common teaching of the Church: The third is the inner grace filled working of the Holy Spirit, and these three are all from one God.'

She is reminding us that we have to approach our lives using the Virtues of Prudence, Fortitude; Temperance and Justice      Thank you, Tom Baxter.